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Decoking Equipment

Decoking Jet-Water-Pump-2

ADC Decoking Jet Water Pump

Designed to handle the extreme conditions of Hydraulic Decoking Systems, the ADC model is part of the A-Line range of heavy-duty barrel pumps. It has been engineered to cut the solid coke out of the drum by water jet.

Operation limits

Capacity up to 400 m³/h (1,761 gpm)
Head max. 3,600 m (11,811 ft) for flange class 2500#
Maximum Pressure up to 350 bar (5,076 psi)
Temperature standard up to 65 °C (149 °F)

Hydraulic Coke Cutting Tool

Ruhrpumpen’s Coke Drilling / Cutting Tool is a patented design that offers significant advantages in operation and safety for Delayed Coking processes in refineries.

RP’s Coke Drilling / Cutting Tool is designed for minimum torque and requires minimal lift force due to its reduced cross-sectional area. The Manual Switching Tool has been available since 2001, while the Auto-Switch version has been available since 2006.

Operation limits

DCU Slim tool with a 330 mm (13”) diameter
Applications Hydraulic Decoking Systems
Decoking drill-stem-drive-decoking-1

Hydraulic Decoking Drill Stem Drive

The patented Ruhrpumpen Drill Stem Drive provides a new and robust design with efficient operational features for Coke Cutting Systems. It can be installed without interruption to existing operation and adapted to existing crossheads without modification to the control limit switches or mechanical stops.

Operation limits

DCU Max Torque: 7,500 Nm (5,500 lb ft)
Max Pressure: 420 bar (6,090 psi)
Applications Hydraulic Decoking Systems
Decoking heavy-duty-hoist-decoking-1

Hydraulic Decoking Heavy Duty Hoist

Ruhrpumpen provides specially designed hoists for decoking services. Our heavy-duty hoists can be provided with electric, hydraulic and pneumatic drives according to heavy-duty standards and RP’s specifications. Pull force and pull speed are defined to actual requirements to provide a trouble-free operation in conjunction with other Delayed Coking components like the Coke Cutting Tool, the Drill Stem Drive and the Crosshead with Free Fall Arrestor.

Operation limits

DCU Max Pull Force Hoist: 48kN (10600 lb/f) at all layers
Decoking crosshead-decoking-1

Hydraulic Decoking Crosshead with Free Fall Arrestor

Ruhrpumpen’s standard crosshead design is an efficient component of a cutting system for heavy-duty tasks in refineries.
Our proprietary Free-Fall Arrestor retrofit designs reduce the safety risk of the brakes of the crosshead and can usually be installed without interruption to existing decoker operations.

Operation limits

Applications Hydraulic Decoking Systems


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