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Progressive Cavity Pumps

Sabine has years of experience with progressive cavity pumps
and can replace any existing PCP with a bulk-in option.

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Liberty Process Progressive Cavity Pump
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One of the most dynamic designs for driving the flow of variety of liquids, Progressive Cavity Pumps can be customized to efficiently handle liquids with different viscosity levels and chemical properties. The Progressive Cavity Pumps comprise of precision mechanized single external helix metallic rotor and double internal helix elastomer stator.

For over 25 years, Liberty Process Equipment has been the leader in the field of economically priced Progressive Cavity Pumps and Progressive Cavity Pump parts in North America.

Seepex Progressive Cavity Industrial Pumps are used in a variety of industries to transfer oil or gas, liquids, sludge and other media. Seepex Progressive Cavity Pumps have the ability to transfer shear sensitive media, abrasive sludge, or high viscosity material.


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