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Screw Pumps


Leistritz Series of Screw Pumps

Leistritz offers twin, triple and quintuple screw, self-priming positive displacement pumps in single or double cartridge versions for a wide pressure range. Our screw pumps are used for pumping various fluids with different viscosities.

The intelligent design of the Leistritz screw pumps offers enormous advantages over other pump technologies, including:

  • Low-pulsation pumping of the fluid
  • Extremely low vibration and noise
  • High flow rates
  • Pumping a wide range of viscosities
  • Low-wear operation
  • Long service life

L2 Series Pumps

A two-roto pump without timing gears and with only one shaft seal.

L3 Series Pumps

A simplified three-rotor screw pump with total hydraulic balancing and built-in relief valve as standard features.

L3-series-Screw pumps
Leistritz-L4- Screw pump

L4 Series Pumps

The two-rotor timed pump with external bearing allows pumping of practically any liquid.

L5 Series Pumps

This five-rotor single flow pump has a very high capacity paired with an extreme suction lift capability.

L5-series- Screw pumps


This screw pump can be installed in various existing piping systems for a broad range of applications.

Re-Engineered Pump

Drop in Solution for Bad Acting Pumps.

Re-Engineered Pump Leistritz
Leistritz Pump System

Fluid Pump Systems

Leistritz manufactures more than just individual pumps. In addition to the standard pump units in which screw pumps and the drive are mounted on a base plate, Leistritz also supplies complete pump systems for various fluid applications with variable speed drives, sealing oil systems, external lubrication systems, instrumentation and control systems.


XCS Screw Centrifugal Pump

The Hayward Gordon XCS Screw Centrifugal Pump combines the advantages of a screw pump with the advantages of a centrifugal pump. The result is a unique pump that efficiently handles a variety of applications thick sludges, large or stringy solids, shear sensitive fluids as well as more delicate materials.

Flare Knock-out pumps

Flare Knock-Out Pumps

Gas Tolerant Twin Screw Pump

The Leistritz Flare Knock-out pump is a timed twin-screw pump with replaceable liner, integral shafts and external bearings. Suitable for corrosive, abrasive or flammable.

Performance Screw pumps are relatively simple pump designs with few moving parts. They have low NPSH requirements, exceeding those of vertical can pumps, handle a wide range of viscosities, and operate with no vibration despite entrained gas. 


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