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Combining decades of industry experience with dedicated experts and cutting-edge technology, Hayward Gordon and Sharpe Mixers design, develop and deliver high-quality mixers for the most challenging challenges in the world’s most demanding industries.

HG Sharpe Portable Mixers
HG F Series and Portable Mixers

Sharpe Portable Mixers

Sharpe Mixers’ direct drive portable agitators provide high-speed mixing for jobs requiring greater shearing action and smaller batch mixing. The high-speed portable agitators come with high-speed impellers (1750-rpm), which create localized high-velocity eddies (high shear) necessary for many applications such as dispersing and dissolving dry powders into solution.

Sharpe Mixers’ gear drive portable mixers are the best choice for larger volume and higher-viscosity applications. The slower speed of this Sharpe portable mixer provides the high torque (350 rpm) necessary to mix higher viscosity fluids and the higher flow required in larger tanks. Large-diameter Hyflo 218 impellers produce much more flow per horsepower than other mixers on the market.

F Series and Portable Mixers

Our all-stainless-steel mixer line represents the ultimate sanitary mixers with the most incredible resistance to corrosion and contamination. The all-stainless steel construction goes above and beyond the specification for “paint-free” equipment with no plating or burnishing. Full gasket housings and a vapor seal where the shaft enters the mixer ensure that no contamination can be caused by the mixer drive itself.

  • Available in welded shaft/impeller assemblies with a #4 polish
  • Pre-engineered line of USDA approved portable mixers
  • CIP Designs with 3-A Sanitary Standard Specifications

Top Entry Mixers

These mixers meet low headroom requirements without sacrificing performance. Efficient “high-pressure angle” gearing provides extremely quiet operation and high shock-load capacity. The hollow quill gearbox design uses oversize tapered roller bearings for long overhung shafts and requires no flange coupling for assembly. 

They can deliver a much higher speed reduction (lower output speed) than comparable single reduction helical gearboxes. Operating at a slower speed offers several advantages.

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HG PSE Side Entry Mixers

PSE Side Entry Mixers

The Hayward Gordon PSE side entering mixer is specifically designed and built with the durability and reliability required for large petroleum tank mixing applications. The highly efficient impeller provides maximum pumping and the swivel angle feature ensures that the entire tank floor is swept and scoured clean.

Dynamic Inline Mixers

The Hayward Gordon Dynamic Inline Mixing System ensures that any chemicals added to the processing pipeline are completely and uniformly dispersed throughout the flow stream. The dynamic Inline mixer replaces the need for a conventional tank, top entry mixer and associated mixer support structure. Applications which require additives to be “flashed” into a process stream can benefit from this system which comes with a small footprint.

HG Dynamic Inline Mixers


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