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Meters (Series PTK-RD902)


This series of level meters uses a 26 GHz high-frequency radar sensor, it has a maximum measurement range that can reach up to 70 meters.

The antenna is optimized for processing along with the use of latest generation microprocessors that have greater speed and efficiency in signal analysis. This meter can be used in tanks, silos, reactors; for liquids, solids and very complex measurement environments.

Model PTK-RD901 
Model PTK-RD903
Model PTK-RD904
Meter Model PTK-RK901
Meter Model PTK-RD903
Meter Model PTK-RD904
Model PTK-RD905
Model PTK-RD906
Model PTK-RD907
Meter Model PTK_RD905
Meter Model PTK-RD906
Meter Model PTK_RD907
Model PTK-RD908
Model PTK-RD701 
Meter Model PTK_RD908
Meter Model PTK_RD701


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