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Battleship type level indicator
(Model 45)
Strip type level indicator
(Model 25)
Ultrasonic Level Indicator
(Model PTK-U)
Battleship Type Level Indicator (Series 45)
Strip Type Level Indicator (Series 25)
Ultrasonic Level Indicator (Model PTK-U)

When it is required to use the principle of “communicating vessels” to know the level of content inside a storage tank with direct visualization of the liquid, there is only one option of indicators: the high pressure ones (reflex) and the versatile “armored” one for containers working at atmospheric pressure.

The strip-type level indicator is a simple solution for measuring the level in atmospheric storage tanks that contain clean liquids with a low degree of adhesion and suspended solids.

It works through the simple counterweight system inside the tank; The float follows the liquid level internally and on the outside of the tank a cursor is positioned inversely, indicating its level.

The PTK-U series ultrasonic level gauge operates similar to the radar type in simple liquid applications. This is ideal when there is little interference from vapors with atmospheric pressure and temperature, and tank height up to 30 m. Its characteristics electrical, type of outputs and installation are very similar to those of the PTK-RD series of radars.

There is the option of including the sensor as part of a vacuum pressure valve, as well as sending level signals wirelessly (wifi or cell phone).


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