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Solids Handling Pumps


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Solids Handling Pumps

The SHD type pump is a solids handling pump with a single impeller, non-clog suction design and single volute case. It can be mounted in horizontal and vertical configurations, making it the best choice for solids handling applications in different industries.

Operation limits

Capacity up to 2,275 m³/h (10,000 gpm)
Head up to 73 m (240 ft)
Maximum Pressure up to 10.3 bar (150 psi)
Temperature 0 to 120 °C (32 to 248 °F)
Applications Wastewater transportation and treatment (sanitary, industrial, process and other kinds of wastes), Pollution control, Storm water.
Torus Solids Handling Pump

XR Torus Recessed Impeller Pump

The Hayward Gordon XR Torus Recessed Impeller pump, is a true vortex pump. Due to the nature of its design, the XR Recessed Impeller Pump is highly effective at handling abrasive slurries, stringy or fibrous materials, sludges and fluid with high gas entrainment.


The XR is designed with a semi-open recessed impeller which uses approximately 15% of the fluid to create a vortex as it rotates. The vortex effectively draws materials into the pump and out it’s discharge. Since the impeller is completely recessed within the pump, actual contact with process solids is infrequent and large solid sizes can be handled. The vortex ensures that approximately 80% of solids present within the fluid are discharge without impacting the impeller and rear casing of the pump. This design allows the XR Recessed Impeller Pumps to be exceptionally wear resistant with long operating lives.


XCS Screw Centrifugal Pump

The Hayward Gordon XCS Screw Centrifugal Pump combines the advantages of a screw pump with the advantages of a centrifugal pump. The result is a unique pump that efficiently handles a variety of applicaitons thick sludges, large or stringy solids, shear sensitive fluids as well as more delicate materials.


The XCS pump utilizes an impeller with a single vane design and two hydraulic sections. The front section acts as a positive displacement screw, gently drawing fluid into the pump. The single vane accelerates the fluid through the screw section into the centrifugal pump section, where the pressure head is developed. The long, single-channel impeller produces high flow at relatively low total dynamic heads.

ChopX Series Chopper Pumps

ChopX Series Chopper Pumps perform the dual function of cutting and pumping, making them ideally suited for applications requiring reduction of solids size and/or protection of downstream equipment.


Hayward Gordon’s ChopX Chopper Pumps design is an open-type impeller with sharpened leading and vane edges. The primary chopping and conditioning action of solids within the fluid is provided by the impeller’s leading edges rotating in tight clearance across the cutter bar at the pump suction. A secondary cutting and expulsion action takes place behind the impeller with the impeller’s sharpened vane edges, which rotate across spiral grooves on the backplate. This secondary cutting action both cuts and expels solids from behind the impeller.


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